Payment on Delivery

Your clients get the benefits of card payments while maing the payment on their doorsteps.

Trust Guaranteed

Online payment trust issues are unavoidable to many customer segments across the Middle East & Africa. Customers can now pay by card without needing to enter their card information online.

Accept All Cards Types

We accept MasterCard & Visa. There is no need for the card to be online enabled to be accepted. Debit & credit cards are all accepted.

Acquiring Bank Partner

Arab African International Bank is the first and leading acquirers in Egypt. AAIB was the first, along with PayMob & MasterCard, to launch a Mobile Point of Sale "MPOS" integrated Solution with the aim of converting untapped cash markets into electronic.

Platform Provider

Worldwide credit card corporation working financial institutions for payment cards issuance & acceptance. Partnering with PayMob & AAIB, MasterCard provided the platform to launch the first Mobile Point of Sale "MPOS" integrated solution in Egypt.